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Where can I find an Avondale Dental Office?

At Desert Lark Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we emphasize a preventive approach to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Biannual visits to our Avondale dental office can help prevent the onset and progress of many oral health problems. With periodic teeth cleanings and comprehensive examinations, our team of dental healthcare professionals helps you and your family maintain a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Avondale Dental Office

Preventing cavities and gum disease begins at home, with a daily commitment to brushing, flossing and making the right lifestyle and dietary choices. A rigorous oral hygiene regimen helps prevent the detrimental effects of plaque, which continuously accumulates in the mouth, harboring bacteria. During a professional teeth cleaning our dentist removes this sticky film from difficult to reach surfaces in your mouth, to keep your smile cavity-free. For our youngest patients, our Avondale dental office provides extra protection against tooth decay, with dental sealants and fluoride treatment. Dental sealants are protective coatings, painted on your child’s back molars to prevent plaque from gathering in the crevices, and fluoride is a mineral, which is applied to the surfaces of teeth to prevent erosion.

Preventive checkups are also an essential opportunity for our dentist to provide your child with guidance on how to most effectively care for his or her teeth, establishing a strong foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral health. During your our your child’s checkup, our dentist will examine the teeth, gums and their supporting bone structure, with the use of diagnostic films, as needed. Early detection allows for the most straightforward, effective course of treatment, saving you money and time in the dentist’s chair.

Each time you visit our Avondale dental office, you can expect the compassionate, individualized treatment you and your family deserve. Keeping up with preventive checkups is easy and stress-free when you visit us at Desert Lake Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. To schedule an appointment, call today.

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